Watching for the Wolf Moon

On January 17th we can look forward to seeing the first full moon of 2022, also known as the “Wolf” Moon. Most moon names are currently documented in the Farmer’s Almanac, but the names themselves date back further than you’d think.


The Farmer’s Almanac states that the names of the moon originate from Colonial and Native American sources, passed down from one generation to the next. The Wolf Moon was named because of the howling that villages would typically hear during this time of year. It was originally believed that wolves would howl during winter due to hunger, and thus the name stuck. 


Nowadays, we understand much more about the motivations behind why wolves howl, including to define their territory, reinforce their social bonds, and gather for hunting. 


You can see the moon at its full peak on January 17th at 6:51 pm EST. If you’re curious about the other major moon phases this month, including when you can see them at their peak, we’ve listed dates and times below. Happy viewing!


  • New Moon: January 2nd | 1:35 pm
  • First Quarter: January 9th | 1:13 pm
  • Full “Wolf” Moon: January 17th | 6:51 pm
  • Last Quarter: January 25th | 8:42 am