Don't Miss the Planet Parade

Don’t forget to look up this month to catch the rare sight of 5 planets aligning. This celestial event has not occurred since 2004, and we won’t see it again until 2041. 


Contrary to many celestial happenings, this event is in favor of early risers, as it takes place just before sunrise starting on the morning June 4th. When you cast your eyes to the southern horizon, you’ll be able to see Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn all lined up in a row. This event will only last for 30 minutes, so don’t mosey! If you miss it, don’t fret, the event will last throughout the month of June, reaching its peak visibility on June 24th, when Mercury will be rising earlier. 


This event is actually an optical illusion, as the planets are not actually aligned. They simply have met on the same side of the solar system, meaning we have the privilege of seeing them as a unit. Though they look close together from our point of view, they’re still millions of miles away from each other and planet Earth. 


Set your alarms and get your binoculars, and witness this phenomenon while you can!