Dr. Edison Liu - The Genomic Era

"The mouse is a fundamental tool to understand basic biology and physiology. We're now moving toward modeling for precise human disease," he says. And the more the mouse and human are studied together, the more is learned about their similarities and differences. Now that we can attack human diseases using strong tools such as metabolomics and genomics, the problem is having all this information and knowing how to parse it out," he says. "We need to take a systems approach, just like an aeronautical engineer doesn't just look at the wing." 

-- Dr. Edison Liu


Born in Hong Kong, Dr. Liu came to the United States at the age of 5 by boat into San Francisco. Following the family tradition, Liu prepared for a career in medicine.


Dr. Liu majored in chemistry and psychology at Stanford University. Dr. Liu enjoys playing piano, originally classic, then later migrated to Jazz, also enjoying the freedom to improvise. Liu is an avid reader who has belonged to various reading groups. He is drawn to biographies, history and political philosophy.


The Jackson Laboratory has a Connecticut location in Farmington.This will allow Connecticut to assume a position of global leadership in creating treatments unique to each patient’s genetic makeup. The Jackson Laboratory utilizes Mouse Genetics. The physiology shared between mice and humans make the mouse ideal for modeling complex human diseases and for drug efficacy testing. In preclinical trials, mouse models are key to demonstrating the metabolism and absorption, general safety and efficacy of new medicines.