GIRLS:Empowered by STEAM

With support from the Petit Family Fouondation, the Talcott Mountain Science Center partnered with the New Britain YWCA STRIVE Program to offer an after-school science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) program specifically designed for middle school girls.


Throughout the multi-week program, students were introduced to a variety of STEAM subjects through fun, hands-on activities. These experiments were the basis for paintings they designed, created and animated.


To view their animated, science-themed projects, use the instructions below to download HP Reveal and click on the pictures below to view a larger image of each piece of art.


 Elephant toothpaste    Blast Off!  Blowing in the Wind   Night & Day


How to View the Animated Artwork At Home: 

  1. Open a picture of the painting on a computer or tablet. (Use links above.)
  2. Download and open the HP Reveal App on your mobile device. (Your mobile device must have a camera to use HP Reveal)
  3. HP Reveal will ask you to “Log in” or “Create an account.” Create an account using your email address.
  4. At the bottom of the screen select the blue, circular icon with a white square outlined in the middle.
  5. Hold up your mobile device so you can see the the entire painting is in the HP Reveal window.
  6. You will briefly see 6 moving white dots on the screen.
  7. The dots should disappear or turn into a bulls-eye, and the animation will appear and start to move! (If the animation does not start right away, try getting closer to or further away from the image of the painting.)


Many thanks to the Petit Family Foundation for funding this program!