At Wonder's Peak: Discovering Science on Talcott Mountain

A New Documentary from CPTV


At Wonder's Peak: Discovering Science on Talcott Mountain

Faculty at the Talcott Mountain Science Center & Academy don't think kids should learn science by sitting down with a textbook. They have seen first-hand how the learning process is accelerated by encouraging curiosity, questioning the status quo in scientific exploration, and striving to use scientific understanding to contribute value to society.


At Wonder's Peak is a new documentary that explores how teachers at the Science Center and Academy are coaching students through the discovery process, and inspiring them to apply their knowledge in breakthrough ways. 




"This is what education should be!" -- Dr. Jeff Karp, Professor, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School


"The Documentary is very well done, insightful, and motivational! I'm going to watch it again with my daughter. Agreed, socially relevant, authentic investigations of problems/challenges/phenomena, where learning the science and engineering is "unpacked"! Kudos for Talcott Mountain still being “on top" providing immersive learning experiences for students in CT!" -- Former Associate Executive Director for National Science Teachers Association, Visiting Scholar at Virginia Commonwealth, NASA Science Educator