Talcott Mountain Academy Students Receive Awards at Connecticut Invention Convention; Move On to National Competition

May 2, 2018 (Avon, CT) — Six students from Talcott Mountain Academy (TMA) received awards Help TMA Students Overcome The Last Hurdle to Competing in Nationals!at the 2018 Connecticut Invention Convention Annual State Finals (CIC) this past weekend. All students were also invited to continue on in the competition and participate in the National Invention Convention & Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE) in Dearborn, MI, May 31–June 2. 


“Since NICEE began in 2016, Talcott Mountain Academy’s representation at the competition has grown. Talcott has always emphasized problem solving, innovation and creative thinking in our curriculum. I think that is reflected in our students’ inventions,” said Lydia Gibb, Dean. “As a small school with just over 60 students, we are incredibly proud to have so many of our students competing at such a high level.”


Talcott Mountain Academy students received the following awards at the 2018 Connecticut Invention Convention:


•  EMMA RUCCIO, Grade 8 | Project Name: Got Your Back2.0

A device that uses infrared to detect the curvature of the spine that is common in scoliosis.

Awards: National Invention Convention Qualifier; BI Cares Foundation Life Science Award; Recognized Inventor 


•  JULIAN KAGE, Grade 8 | Project Name: Quick Lyme: The Rapid Test to Detect Lyme Bacteria in Ticks

Awards: National Invention Convention Qualifier; Alexion Biotech Award; CT Academy of Science and Engineering Award


•  BRENDAN GLASTRIS, Grade 8 | Project Name: Acoustic Anomoly Detector

Monitors sounds emitted from everyday appliances such as a furnace. It alerts the owner if the sound varies, thus indicating a potential problem.

Awards: National Invention Convention Qualifier; CT Academy of Science and Engineering Award


•  RYDER BIDWELL, Grade 8 | Project Name: Hot Pota-toe

A shoe or boot warmer using piezoelectric technology.

Awards: National Invention Convention Qualifier; CT Academy of Science and Engineering Award


•  LEO SOUTHAM, Grade 7 | Project Name: Exo Terra Jacket

A jacket that has items to protect against most dangers you would face if trapped in the wilderness.

Awards: National Invention Convention Qualifier; Recognized Inventor 


•  EVAN POOLE, Grade 5 | Project Name: Mrs. Confidence

A device that encourages positive social interaction.

Awards: National Invention Convention Qualifier; Recognized Inventor 


Approximately 1,600 K-8 students from throughout the state participated in this year’s CIC, with just ten percent moving on to the national event. Of these finalists, Talcott students account for three percent of the students from Connecticut who will be participating in NICEE.


The Connecticut Invention Convention is an award-winning, internationally recognized, 501(c)(3) educational organization that started in 1983 as part of the Connecticut Educators Network for the Talented and Gifted. The program is open to K-8 students statewide and is designed to develop, encourage, and enhance critical thinking skills through invention, innovation and entrepreneurship. More than 250 Connecticut schools and 17,000 students participate annually. Approximately 1,600 students participate at the statewide convention, with 160 continuing to the National Invention Convention mid-May.


Talcott Mountain Academy is an independent school for intellectually excited students K-8. Founded in 1983 as a division of the Talcott Mountain Science Center, the Academy is a unique on-site learning laboratory that nurtures children’s innate abilities from an early age.  www.talcottacademy.org