Talcott Mountain Academy

Imagine a school where intellectually-excited students are academically challenged and encouraged to explore new ideas and new ways of thinking. Imagine this school on a mountaintop - a safe, unique and inspiring place to learn, grow and become part of a one-of-a-kind community. This is Talcott Mountain Academy (TMA)--Connecticut's premier independent school for gifted & talented students K-8. TMA uniquely integrates liberal & fine arts into an unparalleled STEM-based curriculum.


Located in Avon, Conn., Talcott Mountain Academy is a division of the Talcott Mountain Science Center and functions as a co-educational, independent day school for students in grades K-8. Since 1983, TMA has offered an exciting, multi-faceted and integrated curriculum which is dedicated to preparing intellectually excited young people for a full and productive life in a technologically oriented world. Their diverse student body is racially and culturally mixed with a ratio of students to teachers of less than 8:1.


To learn more about Talcott Mountain Academy or schedule a campus tour, visit www.talcottacademy.org or call 860.677.0035.