Summer Catalog (Grades 4-8)

"4-8" represents the grade your student is entering for Fall 2019.
Dates in RED STRIKETHRU are WAITLIST ONLY - by adding yourself to the waitlist, you have the opportunity to get into the course should we have a cancellation. Waitlist is first come first serve.


3..2..1 BLAST OFF!

Experiment with rocket design and propulsion systems. See how rocket design has changed over the decades. Build your own rocket and launch it to measure how high it goes! Maybe you'll become the next Dr. Goddard and lead the world into the next space frontier.  Additional purchase of an Estes Rocket kit ($15) at registration.



3-D printers have opened up a world of do-it-yourself design and manufacturing, from game pieces to prosthetic arms.  Using tools including Sculptris, SketchUp and MakerWare, you’ll be able to design, build and print your gadgets and 3-D models! 



Bugs, insects, spiders, crayfish, millipedes, centipedes, copepods... OK - there’s a lot of these!  In the air, water, soil and on the ground.  Find out how they live, swim, crawl, fly and fight, what behaviors they have, where to find them and how they make our biomes work!  Lots of collecting and studying some pretty cool characters!



From classic cels to the latest motion-capture systems, we'll show you how the pros work. You'll create original short animations using hand made animation toys, paper-based and and computer-based techniques, stop-action and "tweening" tools. Showcase your storytelling, artistic and creative talents!



Want to get under the hood of today’s electronics?  Build circuits that can be used to power gadgets, games, prosthetics and robots?  You’ll use an Arduino project board, LEDs, sensors, motors and all the parts you need to create cool stuff.  Additional purchase of a SparkFun Arduino kit ($49) at registration. 



Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what's out there? Well, a multitude of objects are available to observe through telescopes of modest size, you just need to take the opportunity to do so. Join us to use telescopes to look at the Sun and planets, and all of the other wonders out there. Additional purchase of a GalileoScope telescope kit ($25) at registration. 



Learn about the chemistry and physics that keeps you being you, find out how bones, muscles and prosthetics work, 3D print skeleton parts, experiment with foods and exercise, and use some cool tech to check out your heart, lungs and muscles.  



Our 2020 program, Elevate, gives students the opportunity to develop their identities as creators and innovators through hands-on activities. Students will build confidence, persistence and creative problem-solving skills as they use their imaginations, find inspiration from game-changing inventors, explore the world’s ecosystems and bring their biggest ideas to life.



Learn the skills needed to create a piece of software starting from design, algorithms and then implementation and analysis, moving onto learning debugging in different object oriented programming concepts. They will create code first on a visually engaging ALICE using 3-D objects and then get to real coding in JAVA platform. Along the way they will integrate their skills from science, math and logic to make games, graphics and more!  



Unleash your artistic side in computers - great graphics, powerful pictures, 3-D scenes, and fantastic scenes from out-of-this-world! You'll use the power of professional graphics tools to create a digital portfolio full of your original artwork and projects!



Explore the world of computer gaming by building your own! Work on one of several platforms and game tools to create original characters, stories and worlds. You'll end up with your own game to play and share with your friends. Yours could be the next Mario! 



Engineer and build with a chain reaction contraptions made with a wide variety of supplies. Create a fun complex contraption to do a simple task, and use a lot of physics and engineering along the way.



Extract DNA, do DNA fingerprinting, see how bacteria can hurt and help, find out how family trees work, explore genome mapping, genetic medicines, and track your own genetic traits. 



There are hidden treasures waiting to be found tucked away in the mountains, forests, waterways, deserts, cities, or parks near you! High-tech hide-and-seek, a modern scavenger hunt. Around the world, teams have hidden "caches" of items, and it is your job to find them! Learn GPS, and create and find caches. This game makes you the search engine!



Girls Rock! As in geology, and they can do a lot of other neat sciences too! Fun and challenging activities will stress investigation skills and build confidence in young female scientists. Experiment with chemistry, electricity, technology, life, earth and space sciences!  



Solving histories mysteries with science! Have you ever been curious if they really found Anastasia, or if Amelia Earhart ever landed somewhere safely? Become a detective and apply deductive thinking, evaluate evidence and use forensics to find out who done it?!


LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! (a 2-week course)

Ever dream of being a TV producer, director, or star of your own production? Now is your chance to do it all! Explore the video medium and produce your masterpiece using the Science Center's production studio, editing and post-production equipment.  iPads and iMacs allow you to have your own editing suite and post and take your movies home!  



Discover the lure of the ocean - the weather, animals and plants, the secrets to navigation, the amazing creatures of the deep, how we explore "inner space" with salt tanks and live specimens to observe and collect.  Includes a day trip to Hammonasset State Park for field work! 



Learn how to build, 3D print a case for it, and program your own Raspberry Pi 3 computer. It runs “Raspbian” Linux, complete with a desktop interface, USB ports, HDMI to your big screen TV, Java, Wolfram Mathematica, GIMP graphics software and Minecraft! *Additional hardware purchase of a RaspberryPi 3 B single-board computer ($35) at registration.



Let your mind go with LEGO Mindstorms EV3. We'll show you how to build and program the latest from LEGO. You'll work with a team in contests and challenges designed to test your skills. Get thinking outside the 'bot to make new robotics creations and contraptions! 



Step up to larger scale, metal-chassis robots under radio or programmed control, to create rugged robotic rovers, soccer champs, maze masters and firefighters. Hone your programming skills in VEX's C-like programming language and professional-level tools. 



Discover the science behind some great tricks and some cool science that can fool your friends! Use high tech and the web to learn some amazing illusions, plus free admission to our semi-annual Magic Show! Have a great time perfecting your magic tricks and science experiments. Conjure up wondrous illusions, feats of prestidigitation, and legerdemain. 


THEATER & STAGECRAFT (a 2-week course)

Have you ever dreamed of being a star?  Here’s your opportunity to shine in one of CT’s most unique performance spaces — the Talcott planetarium! A two-week theater goodie-bag of improv, script writing, and stage performance. We’ll stretch our imaginations and uncover the secrets of acting, focusing on fun, creative expression, with the debut of the students’ performance piece!  



Want to forecast the weather? Use computers and our weather station to access data and images, look back at Earth from the GOES satellites and use Doppler radar just like the experts. You’ll make green-screen weather forecast videos just like the pros!