Statement on Equality, Justice & Unity

Dear Talcott Families and Friends,


It’s a difficult time for our families, our communities and our nation. As the people of our nation grapple with a pandemic that has completely changed everyday life across America, the reality of the injustices that have plagued people of color has again reached a breaking point.


At this moment in time we must condemn the racism and the murder of Black citizens and show the power of joining hands.  


This country has been built by people of all races, colors and creed. Diversity of culture, and the freedoms set forth by our founders need to be upheld and practiced, for they are what make us strong. We live in a land of opportunity but we must make those opportunities available to all.


The Talcott Mountain Science Center & Academy joins those in our communities who speak out and advocate for change. Racism, in any form, cannot be condoned nor ignored. Discrimination, of any kind, cannot be tolerated. We believe this wholeheartedly.


We must come together in support of equality, justice and peace for all.


The mission of our organization is to inspire a love of learning through discovery and engagement; to explore the interconnected nature of science, technology and our ever-changing world; and to be the catalyst that unlocks the potential within each individual. 


As educators it is our task to empower the minds of our future citizens and leaders. We have an opportunity to affect change. We must give every child a sense of self-worth, a sense of belonging and an opportunity to achieve.  


We truly believe that education can change the world, and we will continue to do all we can to provide inspiring educational opportunities to children in underserved communities—as we have for more than fifty years.


But that cannot replace the unity that our nation needs right now to heal. By coming together, we can affect change now; by teaching our children, we can ensure lasting change for generations.


Jonathan Craig, Executive Director
Talcott Mountain Science Center & Academy