The Talcott Mountain Science Center & Academy is a year-round facility offering something for everyone -- including programs for teachers and students of all ages.



Are you looking for fun, creative and educational ways to spend a school vacations or summer? Do you have a passion for science, nature, technology or engineering and want to enhance your studies with in-depth, hands-on programs?



Do you have gifted & talented students who would thrive in an environment of creative challenges and let them learn at their own pace?


At Talcott you’ll find programs to fit your needs.



Talcott offers programs for educators who are looking for new methods and creative ways to inspire their students to learn. We provide teacher training for all levels of STEM instruction, all linked to the NGSS standards and time-tested. We also work with educators to create and deliver in-school programming for their students that integrates and articulates with your standard curriculum.