CLIMATE VARIABILITY: Wondering how and why El Niño affects U.S. winters? Students will study climatologies and climate modes of oscillations to see how global climate affects weather in the U.S. 


THE ANTHROPOCENE AND THE CHANGING ATMOSPHERE: We are living in a polluted world! Students will answer the question, "How has the pollution of the recent century affected the composition of the Atmosphere today?” Students look into the changes in atmospheric chemistry as a result of greenhouse gases and aerosols. This issue will be examined on a global level and within our own communities. 


THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD AROUND US: Students will look into how light creates amazing atmospheric optics like rainbows and mirages. 


WEATHER FORECASTING: With the present threat of a changing climate, what changes are we seeing in our weather? Weather, the measurement and observation of atmospheric phenomena, is something that everybody experiences daily. Students will learn about the day-to-day changes that affect our weather and how to predict them.


Students will make basic measurements of temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction and the observation of clouds to create a forecast for the next day or into the next week. These forecasts can be enhanced with RADAR, satellite imagery, and computer models. After learning the basics of forecasting, students can keep their own records and access technology through the Internet to document the changes occurring in the environment.


VIOLENT WEATHER: Climate change may result in extreme changes in the weather as temperatures increase more energy is introduced into the atmosphere and oceans. The result may be more frequent episodes of violent weather. Violent weather is an expression of extreme energy exchanges in the environment. Students can explore phenomena such as tornados, hurricanes, cyclones, lightning and precipitation that can have devastating effects on our world. Many of these phenomena can be simulated in the classroom. Through on line sources we can tap into the occurrences of violent weather affecting our planet.


WEATHER INSTRUMENTS: Students will make their own versions of weather instruments and learn how to use them at home.