i2i Internship Opportunities

The Inspiration 2 Innovation Challenge (or i2i) is a collaborative program from the Talcott Mountain Science Center in Partnership with the New Britain Museum of American Art that inspires creative thinking in Connecticut’s K-8th graders. The challenge is designed to encourage creative investigation of things in nature through science, technology, engineering, art, and/or math (STEAM)!


Each year, the i2i Challenge focuses on a theme; past themes have included "Things with Wings" and "Under the Sea"! For the students who participate, the i2i Challenge is part art show/part science project. Students research an aspect of the theme that interests them. From there, their mission is to - using their new-found knowledge - make or illustrate a work of art that focuses on aesthetic value, an engineering concept solving a real-world problem or any combination thereof. 


This internship with the Talcott Mountain Science Center provides interns with an opportunity to explore the many facets of creating an effective i2i Challenge- from marketing and promotion to classroom programming and more. The Talcott Mountain Science Center is looking for individuals who are creative thinkers and have a desire to immerse themselves in the behind-the-scenes aspects and can contribute to the success of this event.


Students will complete 10-15 hours per week to reach a total of 120 hours by the end of the Fall 2018 semester. Strong communication and computer skills are required. Students must have their own transportation. Student-specific tasks will depend on an individual’s skills, major, and areas of interest. Three or four interns are needed to fill the following positions: 


•Marketing Coordinator (1) – Helps with i2i outreach (via phone or in person) including, but not limited to, promoting the Challenge at local events, serving as a liaison for local schools and organizations in the Litchfield, Hartford, Middlesex, and New Haven counties, help in creating the i2i e-newsletter, reaching out to find sponsors and funding opportunities and knowledge of social media trends. Students must be comfortable talking to people in a social setting and over the phone and implement creative thinking and problem-solving skills to find new ways to market the i2i Challenge. 


•Video Coordinator (1) – Will reach out to local artists to solicit their participation in the challenge. Their creative concept, process, and the completed project would be documented in video form and serve as an inspiration to teachers and students who would like to participate in the challenge. Students must have knowledge of video creation, production, and social media. 


•Educational & Classroom Support (Science) (2) – Will lend a hand to teachers and help create lesson plans to get schools and organizations involved. Students will serve as classroom support for participating schools. For example, a student with a science background will be introduced to help an art teacher participating in the i2i Challenge by introducing a science lesson or connection to an i2i project. They might offer suggestions for teachers and classroom participation for the behind-the-scenes of the i2i Challenge.


The schedule can be flexible to student’s schedule. This is an unpaid internship. To apply, submit cover letter and resumé to cbuhler@tmsc.org.