How to Register

Your child's summer of fun is just a few clicks away! Early registration is recommended for Talcott's Summer Programs, as space is limited. Course registration closes at 11:59pm the Thursday before the week you wish to attend. Please, no walk-ins.


DISCOUNTS: With our Early Bird specials you can get 15% off tuition through March 1st, or 10% off tuition through April 1st. TMSC Members get an additional $20 off per course!  


REGISTER ONLINE: Follow the links from any course in the summer catalog and pay by credit/debit or electronic check (please continue reading for step-by-step instructions for registering online).


  • Select your child's grade level and the week you're interested in, then select each course you would like to register your child(ren) for. This adds them to your "shopping cart".
  • Once you have added all of your courses to your cart, please fill out your child's information for their desired course (example: if you have 2 children, "Joe & Gina", and you have selected Geocaching and Girls Rock! for them please fill out name, birth date, etc for Joe's desired course and click continue, then fill out the same information for Gina). 
  • Once completed, this will bring you to the Registration (which includes Talcott's required medical form). Please fill out all information completely and accurately for each child and Continue to Cart.
  • Please see that all courses desired were chosen and that everything looks correct. If your child's course requires additional materials, they are available to purchase during checkout. If everything is correct, select your payment method and click Complete Order (You do not need to purchase registration insurance, although you might see it at checkout. This insurance has no affiliation with the Science Center, but is offered through Active Network). You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours. 

REGISTER BY MAIL: You will need a paper application including medical/permission and behavior agreement forms, and you will need to include a paper check. We cannot reserve space in the online registration system for a mail-in form.  


FORMS: All students must have a complete medical/permission and behavior agreement on file with TMSC before their child's program begins. If you register online, these are all part of the registration process. If you would like paper versions, they are on our Forms page.  


WAITLISTS: Enabled for online registration only. We cannot predict if or when slots may open from cancellations.   



For Summer 2022, the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving has granted a limited number of no-cost scholarships for Talcott’s summer program for Hartford and East Hartford resident students.  

The following are needed to qualify:

1.  Residency:  Students must be a resident of Hartford or East Hartford, and eligible to attend Hartford or East Hartford Public Schools, subject to verification.  

2.  Income:  Students must qualify by being recipients of financial assistance under the following, subject to verification:

        East Hartford & Hartford:  SNAP, TANF, WIC, or Husky A or B For Children.  

3.  Limits:  This scholarship program pays tuition for qualifying students for one week (aka one program) per student per summer.  It does not pay for the rocket, telescope or electronics kits required for some programs.    

For details on how to apply for these scholarships, please email


QUESTONS? Call 860-677-8571 or email us at