On this page: Print versions of registration forms for reference. Medical authorization forms for medications to be used on-site.  


Registration should be done online through the catalog page, available here. Online registration is via credit card, debit card, or electronic check. There is a registration fee of $5.95 per course that applies whether you register online or by mail. Mail-in forms require a paper check for payment. 


If you would like a print version of the registration packet, you can get it here. A behavior agreement is also included in the registration process, if you need a paper one you can get it here.  


For 2022 under COVID regulations, the State of CT requires an Informed Consent form. You may get that form here.  


A health & permission form is a part of registration. No doctor's signature or physical exam is needed to complete this. If you would like a print version, it is available here. 


If your child will be taking or needs any medication (this includes over-the-counter, inhalers, epi-pens, etc.) during the hours of the summer program, please fill out the Medical Authorization form available here.


Any medication must be sent with your child on the first day and must be in its original packaging with prescribing information intact and the physician-signed medical authorization form included. A staff member will collect these at the bus stop on the first day, and return them to you at the bus stop on the last day of the program.