COVID-19 Summer Update

Click here for a PDF of all major changes for TMSC Summer 2020, current to June 24.


Dear Parents, Students, Families & Friends:


We now have the needed guidance from the State and CDC on group sizes, distancing, cleaning and transportation. With those in hand, here is where we stand for summer 2020.  


Summer programs and day camps in CT are allowed to run five classes of 10 students per week on site. We will first go with the classes that lend themselves best to being conducted with distancing and individual supplies for each student. Some courses can already work this way, some will not, and we are modifying others.


We are looking at the weeks with more than five classes - and working to creating online versions. Again, some courses can work this way, others cannot.  


We realize that on-site will work for some families and not for others, same goes for online classes.  


We will be laying out the schedule presently for the first two weeks, and updating the remaining weeks ASAP. All of it is subject to the availability of staff and supplies.  


Currently, transportation will be by car to and from campus, if rules relax and buses become feasible, we will update.  See the Transportation page for details. 


Please be mindful that we are at the mercy of the State of Connecticut and the CDC - there is a possibility that they could restrict groups if there is a resurgence in COVID19 cases, and there is a possibility that regulations could be relaxed if cases are reduced, and we could reinstate courses. Like all schools and agencies, we will get any CT and CDC changes at the same time the public does.  


Grade levels:  UPDATED JUNE 24

With revised guidelines from the State, and our first week underway, we now will be restoring rising K students to our courses.  We still will need everyone to abide by our behavior agreement, and remind families that this includes the ability to follow rules for maintaining distance, individual materials, handwashing and sanitizer use.   

This is new territory for all of us, and we are working to create the best-designed and implemented program that rules and resources allow. Thanks for your understanding and patience.  


John Pellino, Associate Director