COVID-19 Summer Update

Summer 2022 COVID General Changes


We are a classroom-based summer instructional program, not a day camp.  We will be operating under the guidance of the CT Office of Early Childhood while the COVID situation continues, so we are under State and CDC guidelines for all students, parents, caregivers, staff, contractors, vendors, and visitors.  


What is being implemented under CT and CDC health guidelines:


  • Daily cleanings of high-touch surfaces.
  • Daily screenings of staff, students and visitors for exposure and symptoms.
  • Social distancing between students and between classes.
  • Masks available for all staff and students.  Students need to be independent in mask use. 
  • Hand sanitizer stations in each building. 
  • Staff will have sanitizing wipes to spot clean as needed.
  • Bathrooms will have one-at-a-time setups.
  • Water fountains are closed - main buildings will have bottled water dispensers or bottled water.  


What will be different:


We will have an additional form for everyone:  an informed consent health form per the state, and remind families that the behavior agreement in the registration process extends to all rules in place this summer - that your child will be able to follow social distancing rules, hand washing, directions and teacher requests.  If these are not followed and compromise guidelines, students may be asked to leave the program.  There are no refunds for students who are removed from a course for behavior reasons.  


Classes on campus will have a maximum of 12 students pus one “scholar” (CIT).   We will have additional staff to assist teachers as needed with students and cleanings.  


Transportation - will be at the traditional Hartford, West Hartford and Avon stops.    


Supplies - each student will have an assigned set of supplies and tools (scissors, tape, iPad, supplies, computer if in a tech class etc.) for the week.   


Students, and groups of students (classes) will maintain proper distance - 3 ft. minimum.  


We’ll still have t-shirts for everyone!


In good weather snacks and lunches can be held outside, rainy days will be eat-in-place.