Chris DiPentima

Chris DiPentima was the first person admitted to TMA as a sixth-grader in 1983 and enjoyed 3 years molding the school with classmates and teachers, including the creation of the student council (he was elected the first president), the first school dances and talent shows, family night viewing of Haley’s Comet, and winning WKSS’s School Aid competition and John Cafferty concert.


"TMA provided me with an experience that was limitless," says Chris, "charting a course based on personal interests and surroundings. From viewing stars light-years away to analyzing microorganisms found on the mountain top to many other opportunities offered by our unique environment."


Upon graduating, Chris boarded at Westminster School and then attended Boston College where his enjoyment of reading and writing resulted in a BA. He received his JD from Quinnipiac University Law. This education track, starting with TMA, resulted in blending STEM and liberal arts disciplines, a foundation needed for his multifaceted career.


Chris spent eight years as an attorney, where he represented many businesses on a broad range of issues. He joined Pegasus Manufacturing in Middletown, CT, then family-owned, in 2002 as general counsel and was named president in 2006. Leaning into the TMA experience of molding the future, DiPentima implemented strategic initiatives which led to the company tripling employment and revenue. Chris and his family partners sold the business to S&P 500 Leggett & Platt in 2016 and he became part of the Aerospace management team, eventually promoted to division president, leading operations in Middletown, Washington, California, and France. In 2020, Chris became president and CEO of CBIA, Connecticut’s leading business organization, with thousands of member companies, small and large, representing a range of industries from every part of the state. 


Chris has served on several boards, including CBIA, Aerospace Components Manufacturers,  Connecticut Employment and Training Commission, National Governor’s Policy Academy, Connecticut Technical High Schools, and Governor Lamont’s vaccine advisory group. He is chair of the Connecticut Manufacturers’ Collaborative and on the Manufacturing Innovation Fund board.  He lives in Durham, CT with his wife and three daughters.