Alumni Spotlight

Chris DiPentima--President, Connecticut Business & Industry Association


Dr. Eric Fossum--"I went to Talcott Mountain, Trinity College and Yale University--and Talcott was as important to my education as either of those other two."


Dr. Linda Ivany--"The experiences that I had [at Talcott] were invaluable to me as a fledgling scientist and as a person. The Science Center is a true jewel among educational institutions for the many unique opportunities it provides for students everywhere."


Dr. Greg Kochanski--"It all started with you, George (George Atamian, former TMSC Associate Director and co-founder), chasing comets at Talcott Mountain Science Center."


Steve Perlman--"It's the only place that I really fit into. It's the only place that could keep up with me and I could keep up with it."


Guy Simonian--"Founder Don La Salle inspired me to take on challenging assignments and excel in their execution. The goal, of course, was to deliver science education to curious young minds through organized interactive hands-on activities."


Neil Theise, Pathologist, New York University School of Medicine--Newly Discovered human organ may help explain how cancer spreads, New Scientist, March 2018