How Insects Survive the Winter


With cold winter weather surrounding us, daydreams often shift to the spring to come – bees buzzing, butterflies fluttering, fireflies flickering, and crickets chirping. Even nibbling mosquitos might be excused, a small price... Read more

Johnathan Hamilton, TMA Class of 2015

Talcott Mountain Science Center and Academy are pleased to announce the... Read more

On Thursday, October 24, 2019, the Talcott Mountain Science Center hosted a panel discussion as part of its ongoing On the Shoulders of Giants lecture series. WATCH THE VIDEO.... Read more

In just a few weeks, students will bound out of their classrooms with unbridled enthusiasm—excited to head home and begin winter break. This weeklong holiday is a favorite for students, but what about parents? 


With children home day-after-day, many parents find themselves either... Read more

Earth science by its very name has been a catch-all for geologic, atmospheric and space phenomenon.  Not a pure science like physics, this subject has been subjugated to a back seat, in the overall science curriculum and now it has been relegated to a few elementary lessons in our state... Read more