Attention sky-watchers- our first total lunar eclipse of the year will occur on May 15th & 16th. With this eclipse, you’ll be able to see our silver moon turn a dark red as it aligns with the sun and the Earth for a total of 84 minutes. This eclipse will be visible from North and South... Read more

Spring is right around the corner, which means the Vernal Equinox will be happening this March 20th. On this special day, the amount of daylight and darkness is nearly the same length. 


The Vernal Equinox signals the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, which means we can... Read more

February is Black History Month -- a time to honor the contributions and sacrifices of Black Americans who have paved the way in shaping our nation. Talcott Mountain Science Center & Academy was built on the structure of innovation and curiosity and recognizes the incredible effort... Read more

On January 17th we can look forward to seeing the first full moon of 2022, also known as the “Wolf” Moon. Most moon names are currently documented in the Farmer’s Almanac, but the names themselves date back further than you’d think.


The Farmer’s... Read more

The Talcott Mountain Science Center (TMSC) is pleased to announce the creation of the Dr. Donald and Nancy La Salle Scholarship Fund in recognition of TMSC Founder Dr. Donald P. La Salle and his wife, Nancy. This scholarship encompasses the previously established Nancy La Salle Scholarship for... Read more

Last month we saw the Leonids, and this month we’ll get to see the Geminids! Keep an eye on the sky the night of December 13th to see this beautiful meteor shower take place!


The Geminid meteor shower is usually one of the best of the year,... Read more

Keep an eye on the sky this month to witness the annual natural phenomenon, the Leonids Meteor Shower. For centuries, earthlings have had the privilege to watch this magnificent light show, and we’re so excited for another year of viewing!  


... Read more

Talcott Mountain Science Center and Academy honors the life of Carolyn Shoemaker, a renowned astronomer we had the pleasure of hosting in 1989 at our SCISTAR program, “A Window on the World of Science.” At the time, Shoemaker had discovered more comets than any other astronomer and was... Read more

Although the past year has been challenging for everyone, we are truly grateful to the generosity of our donors, which has allowed us to offer two new scholarship opportunities for Talcott families in need of tuition assistance.


In addition to the... Read more