• Executive Director

    Jonathan R. Craig is Director of the Talcott Mountain Science Center for Student Involvement, Inc., Avon, CT. Mr. Craig has a Masters of Secondary Education in Science from the University of Hartford, with certification in Biology, Earth Science, and General Science, a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences from the University of...

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  • Academy Dean

    Lydia H. Gibb is Dean of Talcott Mountain Academy of Science, Mathematics and Technology. As Dean of the Talcott Mountain Academy, a school for intellectually excited students in Grades K through 8, Mrs. Gibb is responsible for curriculum development, faculty training and evaluation, student enrollment and advising.

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  • Associate Director / Development & Marketing

    Christine M. Buhler leads the fundraising, donor development, communications and marketing efforts for the Talcott Mountain Science Center & Academy.


    A West Hartford native, Mrs. Buhler has more than 20 years’ experience in corporate communications, public relations...

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  • Associate Director / Programming & Instruction

    John Pellino oversees Outreach, Saturday, Vacation and Summer programs for TMSC, Computers and Technology for TMSC and TMA, and TalcottOnline. John first attended Talcott as a 6th grader from nearby Simsbury. His work as a student, peer teacher, and Science Center Scholar lead him to a position as Nature Instructor at High Meadow Day Camp...

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  • Assistant Dean / Health Office

    Jennifer Travers has been with Talcott Mountain Academy since 2010. Mrs. Travers is the Assistant Dean of the Academy, the school nurse and health teacher. She serves as the COVID-19 administrator for the Science Center and Academy. Mrs. Travers holds an MA in Educational Psychology, Giftedness and Talent Development from the University of...

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