Part art show/part science project, the Inspiration to Innovation (i2i) Challenge is a fun way for students in grade K-8 to explore nature and investigate STE(A)M (science, technology, engineering, art and math) while inspiring creative thinking.



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Using inspiration from this year's theme--'Trees are Tremendous,' create or illustrate a work of art that focuses on aesthetic value, an engineering concept, solving a real-world problem, or any combination thereof.


Use the i2i Challenge to inspire students in the classroom or students can enter individually. All accepted entries will be displayed at a public exhibition at the New Britain Museum of American Art! 


Download the 2018/19 i2i Challenge Guidelines 




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For Educators: The STEM + Art = STE(A)M—Inspiration to Innovation (i2i) Challenge was developed to give students the opportunity to further their understanding of how STEM subjects and art relate, and the importance of that symbiosis. The i2i Challenge provides educators with community support and a framework to encourage creativity through imagination and incorporate STEM subjects.


For Students: STEM + Art = STE(A)M—Inspiration to Innovation (i2i) Challenge allows students to explore the integration of art concepts and STEM subjects. The i2i Challenge provides students with a supported framework for discussion of STEM subjects. Students’ observations and classroom discussions serve as the foundation for the students’ exploration of the relation between art and STEM and the impact they have on each other.


This exploration will lead students to a better understanding of the symbiotic relationship between art and STEM and encourage them to use their imagination and knowledge to further develop those concepts in new and creative ways.



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We congratulate all of the students who participated in the 2017-18 i2i Challenge, Under the Sea, including the Challenge winners listed below. There were great submissions from everyone who participated! 

2017/18 i2i Challenge Winners

K-2 Category Finlay Rackliffe
Farmington Libraries
Project Title: The Ocean Work of Art
Rory Alexe
Farmington Libraries
Project Title: The Best Creations
3-5 Category Sunai Kootnz
Talcott Mountain Academy
Project Title: The Arctic Biome
Charlotte Wong
Talcott Mountain Academy
Project Title: Japanese Firefly Squids
6-8 Category Isabella Testerno
New Britain Museum of Art
Project Title: Jellyfish in its Feelings
Derrick Li
Talcott Mountain Academy
Project Title: Beauty Under the Sea
Group Category Chloe Fares, Grace Sappington, Lilia Gooch
Ethel Walker
Project Title: Coral Reef Then and Now
Oliver Morrison & Evan Poole
Talcott Mountain Academy
Project Title: Glowing Octopus



Last year's Challenge may be over, but you can still incorporate 'Under the Sea'-inspired STEAM projects in your classroom. A few sample projects are listed below.


K-2: Camouflage | Depths of the Ocean
3-5: Echolocation | Shipwrecks
6-8: Arctic Ocean Life | Camouflage