Dr. Eric Fossum--"I went to Talcott Mountain, Trinity College and Yale University--and Talcott was as important to my education as either of those other two."


Dr. Linda Ivany--"The experiences that I had [at Talcott] were invaluable to me as a fledgling scientist and as a person. The Science Center is a true jewel among educational institutions for the many unique opportunities it provides for students everywhere."


Dr. Greg Kochanski--"It all started with you, George (George Atamian, former TMSC Associate Director and co-founder), chasing comets at Talcott Mountain Science Center."


Steve Perlman--"It's the only place that I really fit into. It's the only place that could keep up with me and I could keep up with it."


Neil Theise, Pathologist, New York University School of Medicine--Newly Discovered human organ may help explain how cancer spreads, New Scientist, March 2018