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Have you ever traveled through the galaxy via telescope? Programmed a drone and watched it dance with the wind? Examined DNA and decoded the differences between species?


Experiences like these spark imagination, creativity and wonder for students. For children, that small spark – that ‘Aha’ moment – can be transformational and ignite a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime. 


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For fifty years, hands-on, eye-opening moments like these have become the hallmark of a Talcott Mountain Science Center & Academy education. What inspires the ‘Aha’ moment—as they’re often called—is different for every student, but the sense of discovery and wonder that students' experience is critical to their learning processes. It fuels their curiosity, builds self-confidence and is the cornerstone for success in future endeavors. 


For David – making holograms was the ‘Aha’ moment that launched him on a quest for knowledge and inspired him to become the world’s most syndicated daily word game creator. For Linda – uncovering 200 million year old dinosaur footprints embedded in Connecticut rocks inspired her career as a paleontologist and university professor of earth sciences. For Eric – learning trigonometry ‘on the fly’ when analyzing weather balloons lifted his sights to pursue physics and engineering. Today, he is a 2017 Queen Elizabeth Prize Laureate and is known for innovating the technology that is now used in billions of cameras — from smartphones to pill cameras and more. 


Every student has unlimited potential waiting to be unleashed! With your support, we can give them everything they'll need to unlock that potential and begin creating the future of their dreams. At Talcott, we envision memorable, unique and meaningful learning experiences that will inspire students in every classroom. But we can't do it without you. Your donation—in any amount—will turn that vision into reality.


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